Repair Kits for Denso Starter Motors & Alternators
Repair Kits for Denso Starter Motors & Alternators 

Alternator Repair Parts

As well as Denso starter motor's we have found that the Denso alternators can also be repaired easily.


Nearly all the components of the alternator ie the Regulator, the Rectifier and the Brushbox assembly can be removed by simply undoing a few small screws so no soldering or cutting of wires.


We supply a range of replacement components for you Denso alternator so you can change just the carbon brushes if there worn out right though to replacing the regulator or rectifier or even the bearing and copper ring if necessary.


As with the starter motor's it is important that we have a Denso part number to work off. 


An example of a Denso part number is 101211-9240, the number will alway consist of the same amount of number but we'll need your exact number in order to supply the correct parts.

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